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New generation of Shadow Analysis

We're happy to annouce new generation of Shadow Analysis.

We present to you brand new Shadow Analysis 2 - standalone application - now you can use it with any CAD platform. The program is based on a video game engine, this allowed us to use full capacity of your machine. Shadow Analysis uses combine power of CPU and GPU to speed up the calculations. 

Take a look at direct comparison of Shadow Analysis for SketchUp and Shadow Analysis 2:

Shadow Analysis

for SketchUp

  • Requires SketchUp
  • Report image file is the result of analysis
  • Every view has to be generated separately
  • Analyze all visible surfaces
  • Plugin can use only one core of you CPU

Download Demo

Shadow Analysis 2


  • Dosen't require any other software
  • Result of the analysis is served as texture directly on 3d model
  • Allows to save multiple views without recalculating
  • Analyze only selected surfaces
  • Utilize all power of you CPU and GPU
  • Suports majority of CAD platforms

Download Demo



Introducing Shadow Analysis 2.2! Get up to 3 months subscription for free!

Shadow Analysis 2 report

Introducing Shadow Analysis 2.2

Why you should update right now:

  • optimized rendering - smoother analysis results display with up to 1000 time more frames per second,
  • introduced mesh selection and preserved the structure of an imported model,
  • support for local time (previously only solar time was available). 

and many more improvements and bug fixes.

Download latest version of Shadow Analysis 2 right now! Download demo

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SketchUp 2017

Shadow Analysis - tool for analyzing daylight conditions

Shadow Analysis is a simple tool for analyzing daylight conditions. Analysis are presented in the form of colorful pictures – different colors denote different amount of exposure to sun light. 

Practical usage of insolation analysis in designing process

Using of insolation software for analysis in concept phase let designers for creating more optimized forms. It influence on rising design quality and minimize possible modifications in later stages of implementation. It has also direct impact on saving time and project documentation preparing costs.