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Volgograd Arena - Parametric design tutorial with Revit, Dynamo & Python part 1.

To celebrate Football WorldCup Russia 2018 we will present a series of tutorials on how to build a parametric model using Revit, Dynamo and Python scripting.

Broadcasting Place in Leeds

Honoree in 2010 with Europe's Best Tall Building Award building intrigued by its dynamic lump. It distinguished by an unusual arrangement of stories and interesting, taking part in Trans context facade. Characteristic, red-brown elevation is common feature of all new buildings designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studio in Broadcasting Place complex placed Leeds Metropolitan University campus. 

Metro station "Maria Del Pianto" in Naples

Architects from Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners London office and engineers from Expedition Engineering designing roof of metro station "Maria Del Pianto" in Naples used innovative way of covering optimization in terms of sunlight. Basing on the application of software automating insolation, they have used a genetic algorithm to search for covering with demanded parameters. According to that, optimization process could be done almost entirely by computer. 

Insolation analysis in sustainable architecture design - case study.

Case study: Creative canopy design for optimal insolation utilization in the car dealership project

Never before architects and designers has to pay so much attention to designing buildings which would deliver great indoor comfort while at the same time achieve a high sustainable score. The right amount of natural light, fresh air, consistent temperature, exciting view of the outside environment, as well as sometimes view to the inside of the building, are all important factors of modern design.