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Shadow Analysis for SketchUp - Spring 2018 Update

New version (1.4) of Shadow Analysis for SketchUp is available for download.

The most important change, compared to previous versions, is more flexible analysis time. Now you can set start and end time of the analysis with 1-minute precision.

Shadow Analysis 1.4 - 1-minute precision in start and end time setting for the analysis

Another new, useful feature is adjusting to actual sunrise and sunset. Now if you set start time of analysis before sunrise or end time after the sunset Shadow Analysis will adjust this setting so your result will always be reliable.

Shadow Analysis 1.4 - Sunset/Sunrise auto adjust

Shadow Analysis 1.4 also introduces new analysis presets:

  • German norm DIN 5034-1
  • Swiss regulations for Canton of Zürich

Shadow Analysis 1.4 - New presets for german norm DIN 5034-1 amd swiss Canton of Zurich