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Installation of Shadow Analysis for SketchUp 6 - 8 in Windows

0. Demands and system preparation

For proper installation of Shadow Analysis it is required installation of Google SketchUp in version 7 or up. It is important to run and close Google SketchUp at least once, before Shadow Analysis intallation.

1. Unzip the installation pack

After downloand file on your disc, unzip pack in convenient for you location.

2. Start the installer and choose language

Run ShadowAnalysis.exe file and choose installation language from the list.


3. Accept license agreement to proceed


4. Choosing a location, where Shadow Analysis will be installed

Installator skan operational system in searching of active Google SketchUp installations and propose one of them. If you would like to install Shadow Analysis for other Google SketchUp installation - change proposal path.


If installator won't find any Google SketchUp installation, or after change of proposed path it inform, that it is uncorrect - you should stop the installation and go back to the point 0. of this instruction. 


5. Moving files takes usually less than 1 second.



6. License registration (optional)

If you have license code make sure, that you have active connection to internet and fill registration form.



If registration was successfully, you will be informed about that fact. If it occurs problem with connecting to the server, check your link and try again. If this error will repeat - contact with us.

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