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Case study #1 - Christian from Chile

"My name is Christian Fierro, I´m architect, with a Diploma in Passive Strategies for Energy Efficiency, specializing in natural illumination analysis. I´m a 3D software enthusiast too, I like Pink Floyd, nature, photography, and to travel.

I´m from Chile, South America, I live in Temuco, a 300.000 people city located in the Araucania region, which have volcanoes, lakes, the sea, and a lot of great nature places to get amazed. My city, unfortunately, has severe pollution issues in winter due to the wood combustion generated by the houses.

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I have been testing Shadow Analysis demo for natural illumination purposes, since I work with a Consulting office related with Energy efficiency projects. I could try Shadow Analysis in a hospital project we´ve been evaluating, wich is located in a small city in the Patagonia zone, in southern Chile, a cold region in winter, with short and dark days during this season. So, when I found Shadow Analysis web site, thought it was a good chance to try the demo, since we needed to evaluate the shadows behavior during the shortest day of the year, so we could get a clear idea of how the geometry of the building could affect the incidence of natural light inside certain spaces. And due to the nature of the project, a hospital, this is quite important. 
Below are some pictures I got with the demo.
C h r i s t i a n   F i e r r o
A R Q U I T E C T O  F A U M
Diplomado en Sistemas Pasivos de Eficiencia Energética
Evaluador Energético de Viviendas|MINVU  
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