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Using Shadow Analysis for SketchUp

Using Shadow Analysis for SketchUp

1. Running 

Shadow Analysis aplication after it correct installation you can find in yours Plugins menu of your Google SketchUp software version. 

Uruchamianie Shadow Analysis
uruchamianie programu Shadow Analysis

2. Options

One of main benefits from our software is possibility to adjustment analysis settings to specyfic needs. 

Basic analysis parameter is resolution. From resolution depends, how long will takes preparing analysis result. For test analysis it is worth to use lower settings. 

Ustawianie rozdzielczości
analysis resolution settings


Predefined settings allows for fast adjust analysis options for specyfic needs. Available variants were prepared according to construction law regulations. In English version there are available following settings:

  • standard,
  • Australian building regulations,
  • Latvian building regulations,
  • Russian building regulations.

Ustawienia domyślne
predefined settings


Measurements precision determines, at how many minutes should be made lighting simulation for analysis needs. With lower values, analysis result will be more precise. Increasing precision takes more time needed for calculations. 

Ustawienia precyzji
adjustment of analysis precision

3. Results

Results of shading analysis are presented in the form of colored graph. Aplication after calculation end will ask you for indication of place, where you want save results file.

Zapis wyniku
zapisywanie wyniku

Wynik analizy


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