DeltaCodes | Shadow analysis is a fast and simple daylight conditions / shading analysis application.


Shadow Analysis for SketchUp - daylight conditions and insolation simulation software

Shadow Analysis

for SketchUp

  • Creates daylight conditions analysis in minutes.
  • Easy to use: all you have to do is set the camera angle and analysis mode.
  • Results are renders where colors represent insolation time.
  • It comes with presets for different building regulations.

ShadowAnalysis2 - User Interface

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Canopy designed optimised with Shadow Analysis provides a lot of light to get in during winter

In practice

We would like to present you a few case studies illustrating how insolation analysis can be used in building design process.


Shadow Analysis is being used by hundreds of designers around the world. Logotypes of a few of those companies are presented on the right-hand side.

We would also like to share reference letters and case studies written by our clients:

ShadowAnalysis Clients
Shadow Analysis for SketchUp - User Interface


Despite the fact that Shadow Analysis is very user-friendly we provide a collection of tutorials which will help you get you on track quickly and become an expert in insolation analysis.